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There has been a sharp rise in malware and virus infections recently, especially through emails.

Please watch out for emails with attachments - don't open anything unless you are expecting it and you are 100% sure where it came from.

If you are unsure about anything please just give us a call or pop in to see us at our showroom and workshop in Oswestry.

You should also make sure that your Antivirus or Internet Security Software is up-to-date and running in the background.

If you don't have any security software in place then please call in and we will advise you as to the best option - bring your computer if you want us to install some protection for you.

Or you can get 60 days of free Internet Security software from Bullguard.  

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You can download the Bullguard Free Internet Security software by clicking on the image further down the page - but please read the following important notes first...

Bullguard Free Trial - things you need to know...

  • This internet security software is for WINDOWS only.  It is not suitable for Apple computers, iPads, phones or Android devices. If you're not sure, please ask.
  • If you already have Antivirus or Internet Security software installed then you need to un-install that first.
  • This software gives you a great level of protection but you still need to be careful about websites you visit and emails that you open.
  • If you like the trial version you can upgrade to the full version either direct with Bullguard or by popping in to Micro Plus Computers in Oswestry to buy the full version (Hint: Micro Plus price is almost always cheaper than buying direct from Bullguard)
  • We recommend that you make regular back-ups of your system - if you don't do this already then we can help, please ask.  We recommend that you backup your computer before installing any new software.
  • If you are unsure about installing software yourself or if you have difficulties installing it then we can remove any old antivirus software and install the trial version for you and ensure it is configured correctly for £30.
  • The link below will download a file called BullguardDownloader in to your Downloads folder. You will need to open this file to install the software.

bullguard free internet security antivirus

About Bullguard Internet Security

In our opinion, Bullguard Internet Security is simply one of the best security products there is - comprehensive protection, industry-leading innovation such as behavioural detection and a raft of other benefits all in one software suite.  We have used it ourselves for the past 6 years.

Bullguard Internet Security has been awarded the Which? Best Buy Internet Security Software (January 2016)

  • Multiple layers of defence for the ultimate in virus protection
  • Powerful parental controls to help keep the kids safe from cyber bullying
  • FREE online backup to protect your precious files
  • FREE PC tune-ups
  • Robust firewall and spam filter to help to guard against scams
  • Auto scans your PC to help keep it fast, clean and virus-free
  • You can get support direct from Bullguard - click here to visit Bullguard support webpage


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We recommend using Internet Security software as part of your overall cyber security routine.  No software will stop 100% of viruses or malware so you still need to be very careful about websites you visit, files you download and emails that you open.  If you are not 100% sure about any of these then do not do them.  As a general rule we recommend that you only ever open emails from people you know and if you are expecting them.

This software is provided by Bullguard, we are only providing a link to their download as a service to our customers.

The link below will download a file called BullguardDownload.exe in to your Downloads folder.  You will need to open this file to install the software.

This internet security software is for WINDOWS only.  It is not suitable for Apple computers, iPads, phones or Android devices. If you're not sure, please ask us.

bullguard free internet security antivirus

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