Originally I was recommended Micro Plus by a few friends who specifically said that the after sales service was excellent and that the staff who work there were always ready to genuinely help. I am someone who can find their way around a computer in general but, as a busy professional, find it to get to grips with some of the underlying stuff. I wanted to buy from a place that was truly bothered about their customer and who would still help out after the gear had been taken home. Everytime there has been an issue, no matter how small to someone really in the computer know, the staff at Micro Plus have always been happy to help out and, ultimately, fix any issues for me without trying to sell me something I dont need! This is refreshing. Their knowledge is excellent and reliable and if they dont know something, they just say so which means I only trust them all the more. Often it is the truly excellent after sales service that is missing these days and this is certainly a Plus at Micro Plus. It is great to know that they are there and I know that whenever I need to replace anything or upgrade in the future then there is only one stop for me - Micro Plus. Thanks again to all the staff